Help Section

Need help with the Flat Design Pack? You've come to the right place!


First Things First


A huge thanks goes to Designmodo team for allowing me to base this pack on their great Flat UI design framework. Check it out here:



The font used in the project is „LATO“ and you can get it here: – Please install it before starting the AE project.


“Shy” Switch

All layers that don’t need to be changed or moved are hidden using the “shy” switch (see picture below). If you’re advanced After Effects user, feel free to turn the “shy” switch off and change anything as you like.



Sound Effects

Due to some limitations of licensing options, sound effects are sold separately in this sound pack. Once you purchase it, simply re-write all the original WAV files (those “silent” placeholders) in the SFX folder with the actual sounds from the sound pack. Don’t forget to quit After Effects before you do that.     

Color Settings

Global Color Settings

This procedure will set colors globally for all icons. You can control it from “FINALcomp” composition. 



Local Color Settings

This procedure will override global color settings so you can define custom colors for each icon. Local colors are set right inside a composition of the particular icon. 

Changing the icon duration

Repeat the animation

The easiest solution is to simply duplicate the icon layer (CTRL + D on Windows or CMD + D on Mac) and play it once (or more) again.


Time stretch

This technique can easily help you change the duration exactly as you need it.



A little more advanced technique to control the timing.